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Drop, scan and go! CheckitXpress is the world’s first universally-accessible, self-serve bag drop system. Our unique system changes the way airports process passengers – transforming the travel experience without compromising safety or security.



Seconds average processing time with no agent intervention required
90 %
First-time read rate thanks to advanced camera technology
Inches off the ground for easy accessibility
Automated bag dimensioning and smart windowing technology


Accessible and Ergonomic

Modern and sleek, the system is accessible from multiple sides – providing a comfortable, user-friendly experience. Positioned close to the floor, the conveyor allows travellers to easily wheel bags onto the unit using a durable ramp.

Efficient and Reliable

The expedited bag-drop process reduces passenger wait times, which cuts down on staffing needs and cost. Smart windowing technology keeps luggage evenly-spaced, with no intervention required. Our technology is supported by a suite of management tools that ensures every-day performance reliability – now, and into the future.

Experienced and International

Innovative Travel Solutions partnered with New Zealand-based Glidepath, a world-leader in baggage handling systems, to create CheckitXpress. Our unique solution combines Glidepath’s global experience with YVR’s proven track record in customer-centric design.

Compliant with Regulations

Developed in collaboration with border control agencies, CheckitXpress is Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) compliant.

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