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Automate border control with a complete and thoroughly tested end-to-end solution.

Prepare for EES with Proven Technology

With EU Entry/Exit System (EES) regulations launching in 2020, the region must modernize border management systems quickly to deal with increased passenger flow and reinforce security infrastructure. The EES is a part of the Smart Border package introduced by the European Commission. It will be fully operational in all the Schengen countries by the end of 2021. The main purpose of the EES is to register data on entry, exit and refusal of entry of third country nationals crossing the external borders of all Schengen member states through a central system.

In July 2018, BorderXpress™ became the first permanent kiosks to provide Entry and Exit border control in Europe with the launch of 74 biometric-enabled kiosks at Pafos International Airport and Larnaka International Airport in Cyprus.

In June 2019, BorderXpress™ kiosks were implemented at Keflavik International Airport (KEF) in Iceland. The kiosks are part of a pilot to simulate the impending requirements of EES in the Schengen Area.

Built by an airport, for airports, we understand the passenger journey and develop solutions that not only make a meaningful impact by increasing throughput , but provide the best customer experience.



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Canadian Made. CBSA Approved.

We have worked closely with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to automate Canadian border clearance.

BorderXpress™ is the first Primary Inspection Kiosk (PIK) to support the Government of Canada’s new expanded biometric screening requirements, and has been proven to provide the fastest processing times of any PIK provider.

Built by an airport, for airports, we understand the passenger journey and develop solutions that not only make a meaningful impact by increasing throughput , but provide the best customer experience.

Our PIK-configured technology operates in Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg and Quebec City airports, while our CBSA-approved Automated Border Clearance (ABC) solution supports air travellers in Calgary and Toronto.



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American Airport Approved: #1 in Automated Passport Control

We are the largest and most experienced provider of Automated Passport Control (APC) solutions for U.S. ports of entry, and our industry-leading technology has been widely adopted across North America and around the world.

Built by an airport, for airports, we understand the passenger journey and develop solutions that not only make a meaningful impact by increasing throughput , but provide the best customer experience.

Our solution allows travelers arriving in the U.S. to quickly and securely complete Customs and Border Protection requirements. BorderXpress does not require registration or processing fees and eliminates the need for a paper declaration.



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by design and compliant including GDPR. No personal information is stored.
60 %
Or more, reduction in border wait times.
50 %
Or more, reduction in terminal space.
250 M
Passengers processed and counting.

BorderXpress™ Features

The world’s leading self-service border control kiosk designed with versatility, safety and security in mind. BorderXpress™ is proven to increase customer satisfaction scores, reduce wait times by more than 60% and space by more than 50%.



Secure and Efficient

  • Meets the border security needs of virtually any government in the world
  • No additional resources required and provides better exception handling
  • Collects and enrolls biometric data for identity verification
  • Travel document authentication and is capable of retrieving travel information from QR and 2D barcodes

Save Time and Space

  • Travellers are processed quickly 4X more people per hour
  • Reduce border wait times by more than 60%
  • Optimize queuing and reduce terminal space by more than 50%
  • Proven to increase customer satisfaction ratings

Simple Two-Step Process

  1. Data-entry is done at the kiosk which sends encrypted information to a border control agency that assesses the data and returns a government response in seconds.
  2. A border control officer reviews kiosk session results which provides an enhanced level of safety and security. With BorderXpress, you always maintain final border-clearance approval.

Globally Accepted

  • Works for virtually every passenger and accepts all passports
  • No pre-registration required
  • Multilingual, family friendly and universally accessible
  • Eliminates the need for paper declaration
  • 1,600+ kiosks installed at 43 airport and seaports around the world since 2009

More Benefits

Easy-To-Use for Every Traveler

  • Accepts all machine-readable travel documents: passports (with or without chips), residency cards, trusted traveller program cards, enhanced driver’s licenses and visas
  • Accepts debit, credit and contactless payments for visas, excess duty and departure taxes
  • Allows travellers to answer government-required questions without paper landing cards
  • Processes families traveling as a single group

Secure and Efficient

  • Meets the entry and exit immigration needs of virtually any country
  • Biometric-enabled to expedite the clearance process without compromising security
  • Simple two-step process reduces wait times to get passengers on their way quickly
  • Generates cost and space savings

Border Control Without Barriers

  • Up to 4X more people can be processed per border officer
  • Enables border officers to focus on security – a key condition of governments seeking automation
  • Provides better exception handling, and is fully accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Supports up to 35 languages

Everything You Need

  • A fully end-to-end solution including software development, local configuration, integration with back-end border control and local flight/transit confirmation services, kiosk design and deployment, training, etc.
  • 24/7 product support– so we’re there whenever you need us
  • Exceptionally dependable, with network reliability exceeding 99.7%


  • BORDERXPRESS APC CRUISE is specially designed for the cruise ship industry
  • All of the time-saving benefits are available for passengers at marine terminals
  • Installed and fully functional at Port Metro Vancouver and Port Everglades, Florida

Locations around the world
benefiting from BorderXpress:

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