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What is an end to end solution provider?

Blog by Jason Williams, Business Development Manager, Innovative Travel Solutions

Innovative Travel Solutions by YVR delivers an end to end solution for our customers. But what does that really mean and why is it important?

We are not just a hardware solution provider, any airport technology vendor can do that, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers get maximum value from their investment in our BorderXpress product. This is why we have become the largest and most experienced provider of kiosk-based border control solutions in the world.

Before the contract is signed we work with our customers to ensure they’re getting exactly what they need. For effective border control solutions, it’s important to get the balance of technology and existing procedures right. There’s no point in throwing hundreds of kiosks into an arrivals hall “hoping for the best.” Our experienced analysts work on various models and simulations to ensure we don’t over or under engineer the solution. We’re in this business to ensure our customers get exactly what they need to ensure we solve the challenge they’re facing. As an airport operator ourselves, we understand the needs of passengers and airports and how to create a seamless experience while achieving lower operating costs and greater efficiencies. It’s not just about selling “X” number of kiosks.

In conjunction with kiosk layout configurations, our in-house software development team will work with the customer and border agency to ensure the user interface and software meets their operational expectations and regulatory requirements. This process goes into granular detail, for example how certain questions are asked of passengers, we look at each and every step in the process workflow to ensure our user interface is intuitive and easy to use for the passenger. Timing is everything, so our engineers provide accurate simulations on expected session durations which ultimately specify the required kiosk quantity. Our expectation is that our technology will be used by visitors from all over the world, so we tailor the kiosk language selection to suit the associated ports demographic. As an example, we are happy to deliver the fastest transaction times with our Primary Inspection Kiosks (PIK) in Canada (Data provided by the CBSA).

Next up is installation. By this point, we have a contact, our kiosks have been delivered in less than 10 weeks and we’re about to embark on a very quick, easy installation and implementation. Again, we are with our customers every step of the way. Bringing in new technology and process to an existing operation can be a challenge but Change Management is a core step in delivering our solution. We have learnt first-hand of this crucial step when installing kiosks at our own airport (YVR) – we have the expertise and experience to prepare and guide our customers through this transition. This includes training, not just operational but technical as well.

Our installation and commissioning is complete in less than 2 weeks and then we’re up and running. But our services don’t stop there—all of our customers benefit from an extensive 24/7 support and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) replacement parts program for the life of the contract. In addition, we will continually work with our customers to provide further software enhancements, operating system patches and any changes required by the associated border authority. Our unique service and support offering in conjunction with kiosk hardware that has no moving parts, we ensure kiosk operating uptimes in excess of 99.7%.

Everything I’ve outlined above is what we define as an end to end solution. This unique offering and support defines our solution and brand and why we are considered the world’s best. If you’d like to start the journey with us, please reach out to me by email at

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